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Key factors:
Best Time to Start: January – December
High Season 2021: January – December
Investment: Between $395 – $595
Income Source: 95% Passive Residual
(Please read our article “Incomes You Need To Know” here).
State Licensing Requirement: No
1st Choice Bonus: Yes
Pay Scale In The State of Florida: 33% Commission Per Member / Per Month
Split Commission With 1st Choice: 0% (Agent keeps full commission)

1st Choice offers a total of 5 opportunities, two of which are directly through 1st Choice. The first is our business memberships which pay 33% passive residual income per member / per month plus bonuses. The second is Training Courses through our sister site, 1st Choice Academy, which pays 33% commission.

Since 1st Choice Academy pays straightforward, we will focus the rest of this page on The memberships. As stated above, we offer 33% passive monthly residual income on any membership, plus a bonus when the member completes their 3rd month anniversary. See the chart below for an example.

Example of Income Potential:

Number of Members Membership Price One Membership Price Two Commission 33% Membership 3rd Month Anniversary Bonus Year Total Income
1 1-$395   $130.35 Per Month $200.00 $1764.20
10 7-$395 3-$595 $1,501.50 Per Month $2000.00 $20,018.00
50 35-$395 15-$595 $7,507.50 Per Month $10,000.00 $100,090.00
100 70-$395 30-$595 $15,015.00 Per Month $20,000.00 $200,180.00
500 350-$395 150-$595 $75,075.00 Per Month $100,000.00 $1,000,900.00

DISCLAIMER: The examples above do not represent how much money you will make as a 1st Choice Partner but rather the potential of how much you can make based on how many active members you have with 1st Choice Memberships at any given point in time.

This opportunity puts you in the driver’s seat with 1st Choice Alliance by extending to you the ability to sell 1st Choice memberships and 1st choice Training Courses at It’s the easiest of all the opportunities we have and the most rewarding. It requires minimal training. Your 1st Choice Concierge will handle most time-consuming tasks like customer service and appointments, showcasing video meetings while leading you with training, technology, and workflows. Your Concierge frees you to focus on sales, growth, and relationship-building.

It has been an unforgiving year for so many people. So I want to discuss what brings you to this page. Whether you received a flyer that spoke of the opportunities with 1st Choice or a Google search for ways to make extra money. However you heard from us, it must have been because you’re looking to improve your way of life or maybe build a legacy for your children. I assure you 1st Choice Alliance is the real deal. Make no mistake about that. The rest is up to you.

This page and its content speak only of one of the many opportunities you have available to you with 1st Choice. We are a new way of doing business. We split the responsibilities between our members and our concierge service. You make the connections sale the services, and we maintain and retain the client with “A” rated customer care and state-of-the-art technology.

There are no limits to your reach with 1st Choice but you. Give us your commitment, and we will give you everything you need to start, maintain and grow your business without touching one cent of your income. Start your membership today.

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