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Key factors:
Best Time to Start: June – September
High Season 2021: November 1st to January 15th (Open Enrollment 2022)
Investment: Between $500 – $1000
Income Source: 95% Passive Residual
(Please read our article “Incomes You Need To Know” here).
State Licensing Requirement: Yes
Insurance Companies Bonus: Yes (In 2021)
Pay Scale In The State of Florida: $21 Per Member / Per Month
Split Commission With 1st Choice: 0% (Agent keeps full commission)

Example of the plan year 2021 Payscale:

Number of Members Enrolled


Monthly Passive Income













Insurance companies also pay bonuses in 2021. Most companies in South Florida had similar bonus structures. Below we will show you the bonus structure of one company as an example.

Example of the plan year 2021 bonus structure from one company:

Number of Members Enrolled

Bonus Amount (per Member)

Total Bonus Amount













DISCLAIMER: The examples above do not represent how much money an agent made nor how much money you will make as an insurance agent. Instead, it shows how much money an agent would have made in the plan year 2021 if they enrolled the corresponding number of clients—both in passive monthly income and bonus.

Let me start by telling you that during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the health insurance line of business once again proved to be one of the most concrete recession-proof, passive/residual income sources known.

As we all experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world. Millions of people lost their jobs overnight. Yet, 1st Choice members saw record-breaking profits. In part because of widespread concerns about contracting COVID-19 without health insurance. When people began to lose their jobs, they also lost their health insurance. The loss of coverage created a frenzy in our office as most do not want to be without health insurance in the mids of a world pandemic. Hence, the record-breaking profits we experienced. Our phones wouldn’t stop ringing with calls from people losing their jobs and wanting individual policies. Not only did they enrolled on these policies, but they also paid months in advance.

It is relatively easy to become a Health Insurance Agent. It offers unlimited passive income potential and more, for example, opportunities to earn bonuses and trips worldwide. However, the insurance industry is a maze filled with learning curves, and it has been our experience that most independent insurance agents fail within their first year.  Here is where 1st Choice will lead you by the hand step by step every step to success. All you have to do is follow instructions. We have your best interest in mind, and with 1st Choice, you are never a captive agent. 

We will get you ready for the open enrollment season. Open enrollment is the time of year where you enroll most of your book of business. Open enrollment starts November 1st and runs typically to December 15th, 45 days of pure work. To make it in this industry, you have to enroll as many people as possible during those 45 days. So you need all the help you can get, from both technology and support. But for those that are committed and follow instructions, passive income awaits you for the rest of the year.

1st Choice has the experience to walk you through the maze and avoid career-ending learning curves. 1st Choice provides the technology to make enrollments fast and easy, the training to know what to do when the time comes, and the support not to get stuck or waste time. 1st Choice will be the difference between success or failure. 1st Choice has the recipe and ingredients to win; the only thing missing is your commitment.

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